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Quality Stereo Equipment for the Audiophile 

Welcome to Play it Again Sam! We are the home for all of your listening needs. We specialize in vintage home audio and repairs. Due to our continuously changing inventory, some items may not be listed on our website. If you can't seem to find something you're looking for, just give us a call to get a more accurate depiction of what our store contains. We are open daily 10am-6pm daily. We are closed on Wednesday and Sunday.



Ortofon 2M Red
Moving Magnet Cartridge 
Sold New


Pro-Ject Xtension 9
2-Speed Manual Belt-Drive Turntable
Comes in Gloss Mahogany
without Cartridge
Sold New


Pro-Ject VC-E
Compact Record Cleaning Machine
Sold New


Sumiko Blue Point Special EVO III High Output
Moving Coil Cartridge
Sold New


In our store we provide assistance in picking out the best audio equipment for your needs. We also provide repairs for broken equipment. Just give us a call or stop in with your vintage items and we'll look them over. Gift certificates are available for purchase!


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